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Reference Materials and Control Materials for traceability and quality assurance in chemical measurements - Session 3

Reference Materials and Control Materials 3


Speaker: Lic. Mabel A. Fabro - Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial – INTI, Argentina.

Live streaming: 19th November 2020, from 15:00 to 16:30 h RILAA’s distance learning platform (UTC-2 / Etc/GMT+2).

Language: Spanish (no translation into English).

Modality: Transmission with audio and video ¨live¨ followed by questions (via written chat) and responses from the speaker (via audio and video). The entire course is recorded and is available for later reproduction in the distance education portal of the INFAL.

Content: Session number three will specifically address the preparation and management of work materials or internal controls according to ISO GUIDE 80: 2014-Guidance for the in-house preparation of quality control materials (QCMs).
The processes by which they can be prepared by competent personnel within the facility in which they will be used will be described. The requirements for "in-house" QCMs are less demanding than those for a reference material however QCM preparation should involve evaluations of homogeneity and stability, and limited characterization of the material to provide an indication of its relevant property values and its variation, before use. Within the content of the talk, the quality criteria that an internal material must meet to be considered fit for its purpose, to be used in precision studies for example or to be able to demonstrate that a measurement system is under statistical control will be addressed. 

Certificate: Each participant must meet the following requirements to download the certificate in pdf format:
1) Complete the evaluation survey and
​​​​​​​2) Attend (at least 1 time) the full recorded version of the course.