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Preparation for Proficiency Testing - Determination of pesticides in orange

Preparation for Proficiency Testing - Determination of pesticides in orange


Speaker: Quim. Maria Helena Wohlers Morelli Cardoso, Quim. Marcus Henrique de la Cruz, INCQS, Brazil.

Live Broadcast: Monday, September 20, 2021, virtual classroom - 15:00 hours from the INFAL (UTC-2 / Etc/GMT+2)

Language: Spanish (without translation to another language)

Modality: Modality: Live audio and video transmission followed by questions (via written chat) and answers from the lecturer (via audio and video). The entire course is recorded and is available for later playback on the RILAA distance education portal. 

Contents: The seminar will show the participants how proficiency tests samples are prepared at the el Instituto Nacional de Control de Qualidade em Saúde de Brasil according to ISO 17043 requirements. In addition, the seminar will include a presentation in the correct use of the QuEChERS procedure (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, Safe) to achieve satisfactory proficiency testing results. The QuEChERS procedure is one the most used methods for pesticide extraction as it is fast, easy, inexpensive, efficient, robust and safe. The method can be used to analyze extracts by liquid chromatography and / or gas chromatography coupled to different detectors.

Certificate of Participation: Certificate of Participation: Each participant must meet the following requirements in order to download the certificate in pdf format: