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Virtual Training for Food Handlers

Virtual Training for Food Handlers


Language: Spanish

Modality:  Self-study course divided into modules.

Content: The purpose of this training is to provide food handlers with the necessary information to facilitate the application of good food handling practices. In addition, it seeks to provide basic information on food safety so that countries can adapt it to their own needs. You will learn about the main causes of foodborne illness and ways to prevent food contamination.

Introduction of the course (Estimated duration: 5 minutes).
Module 1: Food hazards (Estimated duration: 45 minutes).
Module 2: Foodborne Illnesses (Estimated duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes).
Module 3: Hygienic measures to prevent food contamination (Estimated duration: 1 hour).
Course Game (Estimated duration: 30 minutes).
Final Exam (Estimated duration: 45 minutes)

It's free and self-learning!

Certificate of participation: Each participant must meet the following requirements in order to download the certificate in pdf format: Complete all the modules, exams and CVSP quality survey before downloading their certificate.