Microbiological method for assessing antimicrobial resistance (RAM) by sensidisk diffusion. CCAYAC experience in the External Quality Control System (EQAS) 2018

Speaker: QBP Arturo Vargas Tapia.

Live streaming: 18th October 2019, from 12:00 to 14:00 h INFAL’s virtual classroom (UTC-2 / Etc/GMT+2).
Language: Spanish (no translation into English).
Modality: Transmission with audio and video ¨live¨ followed by questions (via written chat) and responses from the speaker (via audio and video). The entire course is recorded and is available for later reproduction in the distance education portal of the INFAL.
Content:: The presentation describes the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) test by diffusion of sensidisks according to international guidelines. It will include all the information about inputs, culture media, microorganisms and necessary reagents that are required for the test. The critical points of the methodology and the main difficulties, that analysts have to face, will be discussed aiming to support laboratories participating in the EQAS to strength their work.
Certificate: Each participant must meet the following requirements to download the certificate in pdf format: 1) Complete the evaluation survey and 2) Attend (at least 1 time) the full recorded version of the course.

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