The importance of laboratory networking was recognized back in 1997, when representatives from 24 countries in the Americas and six international agencies, unanimously approved the establishment of the Interamerican Network of Food Analysis Laboratories (INFAL).


The INFAL was created as an interaction mechanism among food analysis laboratories the Americas in to strength their analytical capabilities to ensure food safety, protect consumer´s health and promote international trade.


To date, there are more than 250 laboratories from 31 countries in the Americas members of the INFAL that regularly meet via web-based platforms, seminars, workshops, assemblies or through other activities promoted by the INFAL.

Mission of the INFAL

The mission of INFAL is to promote and strengthen the technical competence of food safety and quality laboratories in the region of the Americas, through the development and interaction of analytical laboratories within national food safety programs to protect the consumer health and facilitate trade.

Objectives of the INFAL


Achieve the methodological equivalence of food analysis laboratories.

Quality Management Systems

Promote the implementation of equivalent quality management systems in INFAL laboratories.


Strengthen technical-scientific cooperation among countries..


Organize and promote training and continuous education programs, promoting the exchange of experiences and resources available in the region.

National Networks

Support the creation of national networks.

Information System

Maintain an information system for the members of the INFAL.

Proficiency Testing

Facilitate participation of member laboratories in proficiency testing schemes.